Possible tourney!

old release: bball_9m-r1.zip January 1, 2006
old release: bball_9m-r2.zip January 1, 2006 (had old url in the printf's)
old release: bball_9m-r3.zip January 1, 2006 (removed unused shambler caches)
release: bball_9m-r4.zip January 1, 2006 (fixed checking skins hang)

latest qwprogs.dat (md5sum: 9823e6f54894f9c66c36e2f3627d580c)

(unzip where your *quake*.exe is (it makes new dir))
(or if downloading only qwprogs.dat, put in quake/bball/)

to start your own server, type:
gamedir bball and exec server.cfg

some demos

some screenshots:

arena sized for 1v1 or 2v2 (1v1 specialty arenas and maybe bigger 4v4 arenas to come)
(invisible because out of bounds, but you are not really invisible! just in your hud, hehe)

rocket-jumping to elevate for the better shot (666 signifies ball posession)

shooting the ball (the number is the force used, hold +attack for more force)

loose ball